Movember Movie Madness: SUPER TROOPERS (2001)

Movember is the month of the year where Men from all over the world grow a moustache to raise funds and awareness towards Men’s health issues such as Testicular and Prostate Cancer. Movember’s Movie Madness is a unique Blogathon where we discuss movies, characters or actors with Moustaches; their impact, their significance and, at times, trying to grasp why in blue hell an actor sported that hairy thing in the first place.

Instead of continuing my Movember Movie Madness Blogathon with yet another actor sporting a Moustache for a movie, I thought I’d take a look at a movie full of Moustaches.

Super Troopers Movember 2013

SUPER TROOPERS was a comedy in 2001 about a ragtag bunch of highway police degenerates in a rinky dink Podunk town. Pranks, shenanigins and general tomfoolery is what these guys were most concerned with, despite being officers of the law, that is until their department comes into direct competition with the local police, and their survival gets put on the line.

A hilarious movie that essentially features the stereotype of cops sporting Moustaches, and there’s like an explosion of Moustaches all over this one. Every single one of the Highway Police Officers in the movie sport various forms of Moustaches. It was a crucial part of their chosen profession and, as they proudly mention many times, necessary to their job. Somehow.

Super Troopers Movember 2013

Moustache party!!

Director, Writer, Actor and general Indian guy Jay Chandrashekhar created a ridiculously superfluous movie where the main leads act more like Frat boys than members of Law Enforcement, preying on speeding civilians to become victims of their pranks. The moustaches play such a big role in the portrayals of the characters; so much so that  the rookie, played by Erik Stolhanske, even gets mocked for not having one.

There has always been a long standing association of Moustaches with Law Enforcement, and reflected accordingly in movies and television. In THE 70’s SHOW, when the character of Kelso joined the Police Academy, he was seen growing out a lip rug. Seth Rogen donned one in SUPERBAD too. Many other police officers in movies were shown as ‘stache rocking lame-o’s.

Super Troopers Movember 2013

who wants to go on a moustache ride??

Can you think of any other portrayals of Police Officers with moustaches in movies or TV?

Movember Moustache Movie Madness 2013 Pencil Logo

If Moustaches are good enough for movie cops, than it’s good enough for me. I’m still growing out mine for Movember in order to raise awareness and money for Mens’ Health like Testicular & Prostrate Cancer. You can help by donating any small amount by clicking here, or by spreading the word.

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